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What is new?

- NetForum Tip (Aug 30 1998)

If you find the NetForum icon in the system-tray annoying, in version 3.1 you have the option of disabling it, which you can find in the setup window under Schedule.

To bring up the status window, simply run the program again (one reason to add NetForum to your Start Menu).

- Multiple Forums Support (Aug 30 1998)

With the aid of a special utility program, NetForum can now handle multiple forums. The program is pretty crude, however, and at the moment you can't edit the messages of the additional forums. But if you really need to have more than one forum (no recommended at all), go ahead and give it a try.

First, make sure you have the latest version (3.1). Then download the special multi-forum support program. Unzip the file into the NetForum program folder, then move HTML files to the HTML template folder (the only change in the updated forum.htm is a different hyperlink for the back button).

First exit NetForum, before you run the utility. Click the Add button to create additional forums. Each forum must have a distinct Prefix of HTML filenames. NetForum uses the prefix to form the filename of messages (e.g. msg + 20 + .htm) and the index (e.g. msg + .htm). Also provide a filename for the forum list.

Now restart NetForum. Go into setup and uncheck Create for the HTML file with list of messages. Close the setup window and then click Run to update.

- Debates Section (Aug 18 1998)

Check out the new debate section on this site and tell me what you think.

- New Version (Aug 15 1998)

A new version of NetForum, 3.1, is available. The main addition is threading. I have also streamlined the user interface a little. The mailing list feature has been removed, since few people uses it. Now there's also an option to turn off the icon in the system tray, and NetForum now checks for messages only when your dial up connection is not congested. The overall goal is to keep the program from interfering from your daily computing.

This will most likely be the last version. I think in the future there'll be free web site that let you set up your own message forum. Dejanews already let people create their own news group. So I just don't see much of a future for the program. Beside, I think it's for the most part good enough.

Presently I'm working on a program that let you host debate (comme CNN's community) on your web site. It'll essentually be a specialized version of NetForum.

- Problem with Microsoft Outlook 97/98 (May 23 1998)

A few users have reported problem trying to post messages using MS Outlook 97/98. Oulook simply could not handle the special E-mail address used by NetForum. Apparently Microsoft has failed to fix a bug going back to MS Exchange, Outlook's ancestor.

What can be done? Not much, unfortunately. Hopefully Microsoft will fix the bug eventually.

- Welcome to our new location! (March 21 1998)

The NetForum homepage finds itself at Tripod.com now. The old location, my school account, has been bled completely dry by my other pet project, The Russian-English Literature Exchange, another curious utilization of the Internet. Anyway, that's why the homepage was down for over a month.

Oh, please visit my sponsor, Hang Shing Ginseng and Supplement and buy something. You'll be doing your part to keep NetForum alive and free! Beside this stuff really works! Try the free sample and see for yourself.

Program Information


Download NetForum 3.1
       431K, Aug 22 1998
       (please read the step-by-step guide first)

Download NetForum multi-forum support
       119K, Aug 30 1998